What to Expect

Ambience Nook brings you quality, handcrafted soundscapes designed to help you focus, sleep, meditate, and more. We strive to provide you with a calm and cozy experience like no other. 

Each video is custom-made from start to finish. High-quality backgrounds are sketched, painted, and animated alongside an ambience project. These projects will then be uploaded to YouTube and podcast platforms bi-weekly. Should you decide to support us on Patreon, you can also receive access to a Patron-Exclusive Ambience once a month. 

Other benefits exclusive to Patrons (depending on tier) include:

  • Special Discord Server Roles and Perks
  • Early Access to new videos 
  • High Resolution Wallpapers of all ambience backgrounds
  • Vote on New Videos
  • Patron Recognition

In the future, once things have become more steady and we’ve gained a bit of traction, we plan to release Ambience Nook merch, including, but not limited to, shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, and stickers. Patrons will receive special discounts on all merch, ranging from 10-20% depending on tier. 

Another way to support us is through Ko-fi, perfect for supporters who would prefer a one-time donation than a reoccurring membership. While there are no special perks for this type of donation, we greatly appreciate your willingness to support Ambience Nook. 

The Mind Behind The Nook

So, who exactly is we?

Well, it’s less of a we and more of a me. Hey there, my name’s Cal and I’m a sound designer and composer for video games. In the world of game audio, immersion is everything. To me, Ambience Nook is a great way to exercise my sound design skills while bringing people great videos they can enjoy however they want!

I hope you enjoy the work I’ll be creating, as it really is something that I love.